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The Kitchen Collection provides the consumer with a fun and entertaining shopping experience by presenting a strong merchandising mix of basic housewares selections; cookware, bakeware, small appliances like coffee makers, toasters, slow cookers, griddles, indoor grills…in addition a huge selection of “As Seen on TV” items and over 72 feet of kitchen gadgets. This is one of the reasons Kitchen Collection has become one of the nations fastest growing specialty retail stores in the country. Visit us online at


1-800-851-8900 (all electrical products except microwave ovens, compact refrigerators and cordless vacuum cleaners)
1-877-395-5109 (microwave ovens and compact refrigerators only)
1-888-807-1542 (cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaners)


1-800-267-2826 (all products except cookware, kitchen gadgets, and cordless vacuum cleaners)
1-888-807-1542 (cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaners)


01 800 71 16 100 (all products)

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