Blue Inc reviews existing marketing and sales strategies of Fortune 500 companies looking to increase their market share in the Chicago area. The corporation focuses on professional in-person representation. Studies have shown that going directly to the consumer develops trust, increased communication, and the ability to better service the customer. Blue Inc Schaumburg has developed a system in which additional companies can be serviced throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. By focusing on speed-to-market and enhancing customer loyalty programs, the company has driven sales on the front end and long term brand loyalty has been increased. As the corporation continues to expand, additional resources will be allocated to additional clients.

Blue Inc Schaumburg has been an established brand in the industry of sales and marketing for a number of years. The corporation's current client is anxiously awaiting additional representation outside of the immediate Chicago market as well. This means that the staff of Blue Inc Schaumburg Illinois will have to at least double in size before these resources can be afforded to additional markets and ventures.

For employees, this means that there is a lot of opportunity for a long term career in the fast paced industry of sales and marketing. Management at Blue Inc reviews candidacy for promotion based on competence, not seniority. Therefore, those that work hard and add value to the team get promoted first.
At Blue Inc, people are the most important part of our company. Our mission is to educate, empower, and entertain. Every current and past employee has attributed valuable input and has brought us to where we are today. We are looking to increasingly create and develop entrepreneurial opportunities and increase the market share for the clients that we represent. Our management training program allows individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and demographics to reach their professional and personal goals. As we continue to expand, we are constantly looking to add quality individuals, with drive, work ethic, and passion for success, to our already exceptional team.

Blue Inc Schaumburg Reviews

For more information and testimonials on Blue Inc, be sure to check out the BBB listing. Currently as per these Blue Inc Schaumburg reviews, there are zero complaints filed from clients and the corporation has an "A" rating.
Blue Inc Address
1101 Perimeter Drive Ste 440 
Schaumburg, IL. 60173


At Blue Inc in Schaumburg, IL, employees don't look at their positions as simply, 'a job.' They look at their positions as an opportunity to gain training in highly a valuable skill-set while being part of a team. Although competition is cultivated every week, there is a strong team unity that helps every single member of the team succeed.

Management at Blue Inc reviews: "Here at Blue Inc, we do things just a little bit differently. Sure we give a high quality service to our clients. But, we weren't voted one of the best places to work in Chicago for that reason alone. It's the team. It's the environment. It's everyone that puts in effort day after day to hit our goals. It's pretty exciting to see everyone helping each other out all of the time. There's definitely a strong sense of team here and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else in the world."

As the employees of Blue Inc Shaumburg rally around the opening of new offices and locations in the upcoming months, management is constantly looking out for new and exciting opportunities in the next few years as well. There is even talk of overseas expansion.

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