VP Rush Inc. is one of the finest promotional marketing and branding companies in the Tennessee area. Here at VP Rush Inc. we pride ourselves on being able to streamline all of our clients’ marketing needs.

Something that has really attracted us to the Chattanooga area is, it is a trending marketing where fortune 500 clients are eager to expand their operations; which ranges from target exposure, additional brand awareness, business development, social media presence, campaign and event platforms.

With every decision that we make for the company, we always keep every member in mind, regardless of the level or department that someone is currently in. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and in our decision-making process of who should progress within the company, we weight actions and habits heavily.

The most important component for us, at the moment, is being able to find the right personal; we are looking for professional business savvy, leadership orientated, competitive friendly, growth-minded individuals to fit our client’s needs. Could you fit in at VP Rush? Apply today, grow tomorrow.

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