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The Intercoastal Group is an independently owned employee firm who represents Fortune 100 and 500 clients in various industries. We are a professional consulting, marketing, and acquisitions firm with one goal in mind; we look to grow our clients’ customer base in local markets. As a start up, we have mutually agreed that we will be extremely aggressive about growth and expansion opportunities for our clients, team, and company. Since launching locally outside of downtown Orlando in July 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to pursuing a global and international business presence!

We understand what our clients need to continue to grow their brand. The biggest obstacle for any company is attracting new customers and getting them to return to use the company’s products or services. Even the largest companies in the world would say that they need more new customers. And that is where we come in! We specialize in many different techniques and strategies for marketing various products or services to specific target audiences. Our clients choose to outsource to us because we offer a 100% return on investment guarantee. This provides our clients with the confidence that they will be able to find the most efficient, cost-effective strategy for adding new customers. It may be bold, but we look for long-term relationships with our clients and win/win scenarios that can guarantee growth for both parties.

Our Vision

President John F. Kennedy once claimed, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” We do not do business the way it has typically been done.We have taken an old school strategy and mixed it with a diverse training regiment with a modern day twist. We have found a system that can be transferable and scalable across industries and markets. At our foundation, we believe in creating value, organic growth, and intrinsic training. We believe that with the right team, anything can be accomplished. More Fortune companies are looking for cost-effective options for new customer generation and acquisition. The bottom line is that they need local representation across the country to continue their brand reputation and awareness within changing markets.

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The Intercoastal Group

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