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SkyNet Consulting Group

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Located in Rock Hill, SC SkyNet Consulting Group works with Fortune 500 companies and provides customer-to-client interactions which are on a face to face basis with a focus on customer service, sales and marketing as we feel it is the best and most efficient form of communication for our Fortune 500 clients and their customers. At SkyNet Consulting Group we strive to not only build a better life for ourselves but also for our loved ones. What we ultimately want for our employees at SkyNet Consulting Group is work-life harmony accompanied with pure decisions for long term happiness and gratitude.
What Do We Do

We specialize in campaigns focused on the industries of Technology, Telecommunications, and Renewable Energy. SkyNet Consulting Group links up with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies who are industry leaders.

There are three main objectives SkyNet Consulting Group aims to hit for our clients.

•  Promote the name brand and awareness of the company.
•  Reduce customer complaints, and enhance their experience.
•  Acquire long-term, profitable customers.

Our team becomes an extension of the clients we represent; we are ambassadors for some of the world most prestigious brands in the business. They have ambitious goals to acquire new customer base, and SkyNet Consulting Group evaluates our progress and strategizes accordingly to ensure we hit those standards


SkyNet Consulting Group offers a Management Training Program which is set to instil an entrepreneurial mindset into its employees in order for each individual to excel while working with any Fortune 500 client.

At SkyNet Consulting Group, we strive to not only build a better life for ourselves but also for our loved ones. SkyNet Consulting Group’s management training program focuses on self-development, team building, and advancement of career and personal life.

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