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Primetime Business Solutions is a competitive consulting firm specializing in direct marketing, sales, and customer service. We worked with various clients in industries such as telecommunications, fiber options, and technology. Presently, we represent one of the largest satellite broadcasting clients in the world, focusing on their face-to-face marketing campaign. Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced training methods, we provide ongoing growth opportunities for our team members and continuous expansion for our clients!

Why do multi-billion clients choose to work with Primetime Business Solutions? The answer is simple: we bring them loyal and profitable customers. What separates us from other marketing and sales firms is our ability to create personal relationships with consumers in-person, rather than over the phone or via e-mail. Our Fortune 500 clients trust that Primetime Business Solutions will represent them with the utmost professionalism and integrity while guaranteeing a 100% return on investment!

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Our mission at Primetime Business Solutions is to develop a new generation of successful leaders by utilizing growth potential to realize their goals, regardless of prior experience. It is our mission to give them the opportunity to obtain this success through hard work, expert coaching, and a strong and positive team culture.

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❝When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.❞ 

- Roy E. Disney
Primetime Business Solutions'Β Core Values:
β–ΈΒ Leadership - Our biggest investment lies in creating the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. β–ΈΒ Unity - We believe that a business's success stems from a strong, unified team. Where unity exists, amazing things follow. β–ΈΒ Camaraderie - Primetime Business Solutions hosts weekly team nights as a way to boost office moral and our team-oriented culture. β–ΈΒ Philanthropy - We are proud to fundraise for organizations such as Operation Smile and Toys for Tots. β–ΈΒ Integrity - We value honesty and fairness. What you do when no one is looking defines your character. β–ΈΒ Equality - As an Equal Opportunity Employer, all of our team members have the opportunities and all advancement is based on merit.
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πŸ“± (813) 381-3549 or (815) 381-4868
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710 Oakfield Drive Ste 119 Brandon, FL 33511

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