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Presden Consultants, Inc.

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Presden Consultants, Inc. is recognized as one of the nation’s leading marketing, sales, and consulting firms- dominating regionally and nationally with our innovative approach to marketing and consulting for our Fortune 500 clients.

Presden first opened its doors in Detroit, MI in 2011. We have pioneered and engineered continuous growth in the last 7 years…including the expansion of the organization to additional locations. The team at Presden is confident we will continue the expansion of our firm and the marketing campaigns we represent into astronomical growth nationwide.

Our continued success has allowed large corporations to outsource to our firm because of the integrity we possess, as well as the relationships we build and develop with our clients. We have tremendously increased the market share for the Fortune 500 clients we work with. We specialize in face to face marketing and sales, retention of clientele, and new clientele acquisition.

Our strong and supportive team, career mentors, and energetic and fun environment continues to create a foundation for success. In addition, our team makes a difference and is a voice for the clientele we work with. Our ideas are implemented into billion dollar marketing campaigns to ensure growth and development continues.

Presden is one of the most successful firms in the nation on our current campaign- representing one of the largest office and medical supply retailers in the world. Due to our success on such a large campaign, company projections see us opening several new markets within the next year, and working with a wide range of new campaign clients.

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