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Premier Marketing Concepts represent some of the world's most recognizable brands and are dedicated to helping our Fortune 500 clients acquire and retain their customers in a variety of industries.We pride ourselves in being a market leading, outsourced sales force that is redefining direct marketing and dominating today™s growing profit demands. Our mission is to not only increase revenue for our clients, but also to provide unlimited opportunities for those who are willing to work hard with integrity.

Life At Premier

The culture at Premier Marketing Concepts is fun, yet professional. The team finds that learning about personal goals helps us hit our professional ones. And the best way to do that? Outside of the office. Whether its a charity event, travel, conference, or just dinner, the team is gathering with family and friends to ensure the growth of the firm.

During the course of the year, Premier Marketing Concepts is invited to several conferences around the U.S. including leadership development, rest and relaxation, business best practices, and top performers meetings. We also find ourselves out learning about our city of Greenville!

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