Here at LA.V8, we want to change the face of the sales and marketing sector. We’re experts in providing new twists on traditional marketing techniques. We’re all about creativity, and we’re passionate about creating bespoke campaigns that match the personalities of our clients while providing the luxury, and competitive aspect to each of our efforts.

LA.V8’s primary mission is to stand out from the crowd. We’re all about going back to the basics and the importance of face-to-face campaigns! We believe that we differ from other agencies due to our energy, vision, and determination to provide long lasting and memorable experiences.

We strive to keep excitable energy evident in each of our campaigns; understanding that this is important at all levels of our business from the in-house development of our brand ambassadors to our CEO’s leadership style. LA.V8 is a sales and marketing firm like you’ve never seen, and we’re eager to show you exactly what we mean!

We’re determined to change the face of the industry, fed up with impersonal and boring marketing campaigns. We’re ready to start something new, and we’re hoping you’ll come along for the ride.


As specialists in direct sales, we take a strong focus on conducting market research, campaign development, brand exposure, event hosting, account management and generating a lasting and loyal consumer base.

Our Values

LA.V8 focuses on face-to-face marketing as we believe this is the only real way to build a relationship, we lead conversations on your brand with consumers, understanding their needs, wants and expectations to ensure that when you decided to outsource your sales and marketing, you made the best decision for your business.

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