Employer Quick Look

JM Global Marketing was created in Spain in 2013. Today it is a company that works internationally with a presence in more than 2 countries and formed by a highly qualified team of senior executives from different sectors and with extensive experience in sales and marketing. JM Global Marketing offers its Clients a communication channel and closing of operations, flexible, scalable and highly effective in costs of acquisition and acquisition of new clients, both as an extension or as a complement to an existing sales team in the Client; or when the client does not have it, JM Global Marketing will act as representative of their brand and will make the results efficient.


Each client requires a different campaign. Our main objective is to adapt your product and offer it to the market. A campaign can be directed from a postal code, to one or several regions, nationally or internationally. We grow with our customers! More than 5 years of experience in face-to-face marketing allows us to have highly qualified and highly committed commercial teams, which provides a high benefit to our customers.


We operate in 2 countries, with 1,000 marketing agents in different channels that includes face-to-face, business-to-business, small and medium enterprises, shopping centers, airports and events. Our clients are BIG companies of national level in each country, mainly telecommunications, banking, energy and insurance sectors. Today we advance through the diversification of products and sectors.

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