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Empire Acquisition Team

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The Empire Acquisition Team is a team of driven professionals that has quickly made its name known in the sales and marketing industry. We consult with large, service based corporations that are interested in expanding their customer base in the Capital Region. Demands from the clients have changed over the past few years as their focus shifts to driving revenue while making sure to maintain their optimized customer acquisition cost. We provide an outlet for our customers to ensure customer retention and new client acquisition targets are met without having to sacrifice an amazing customer experience or integrity. Our personal approach with our clients customers allows us to bridge the gap between the two ensuring continued success on both ends.

We are a new firm with an aggressive expansion plan. Since we work with industry leaders there is enormous potential for us to grow and continually fit our clients needs. We focus on training and developing our Account Managers not in just being the best sales and marketing representatives for our clients, but in being amazing leaders in our field.

Empire Acquisition Team opened our doors in middle of 2016. The President of the firm, Brian, comes from a unique background. After studying Psychology at UMass Amherst, he started working with children with behavioral and mental disorders. After working in that field for a couple years he realized that while the work was rewarding, it wasn’t going to necessarily lead him to the life he wanted to live. Brian decided a career switch into the Business world was a necessary switch and found his niche in a growing industry that focused heavily on professional development.

Our Mission

To provide a unique career opportunity through leadership development in a positive environment. By focusing on developing people, personally and professionally, we create a strong team who always comes through for our clients allowing us to continually to grow.

Through integrity, professionalism, and an unparalleled work ethic we are able to exceed our clients expectations. Our goal is to set a new bar in customer acquisition and retention and continue to grow with new clients in new markets.

Our Core Values

We go the extra mile to achieve success.

We define the “work hard, play hard” culture.

We set the bar in quality customer acquisitions and we hold each other accountable.

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