Employer Quick Look

Chaney Concepts ​​is an innovative sales
and marketing team located in Columbus, Ohio.  Our goal is to continue to
build and stregthen relationships in our community as well as with the top
energy suppliers in our area. With our services, we are able to provide new
marketing strategies for the Natural Energy Industry. 




At Chaney Concepts we strive to provide sensible strategies to create profits for our clients. By focusing our efforts on a relationship-based marketing and sales approach, we are able to bring our clients lifetime customers. We look to provide increased name brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.
 For our employees, we create an environment where they can grow both personally and professionally. We strive to enhance the lives of all team members by instilling core leadership values through integrity and hard work. Our goal is to have our top performers expand to new markets and provide growth and opportunity as Chaney Concepts did for them.  

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