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Brown & Partners was founded in 2017 to provide marketing and sales solutions for the Greenville metropolitan area. We're a privately owned firm with a fully trained sales staff ready to help clients meet their goals. We have found that a smile and a handshake go a long way when it comes to meeting with perspective customers on our clients' behalf.

As a startup company, we're able to be flexible and dynamic and our team is extremely motivated to become the go to direct sales company in the Greenville area. With our training program structured to further develop our team's skills and the opportunities our clients'​ give each member the ability to run their own team, advancement is very possible at Brown and Partners. Everyone that is employed at Brown & Company is set up with the same success and opportunities. We train each team member at our firm on all aspects of sales, marketing, peer development, career coaching, system organization, public speaking, and more. What makes Brown & Partners unique is that our company doesn't base opportunities for advancement on seniority, rather, we base it on results brought for our client. All metrics are set on performance, which helps further our clients'​ success and our team members'​ opportunity with our clients. Everyone starts in the same position so that once a person reaches management, they have a full understanding of every position at Brown & Company.

Our Goals

Since we are a new company, our clients have goals for us to expand 4 additional times before the end of 2018.

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Brown and Partners

206 Riverside Ct Greer,
South Carolina 29650

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