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Astaze Management Group

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Astaze Management Group, LLC.
Founded in 2020 by Robert Metry (Owner)

The company is one of the many customer acquisition firms contracted through United Energy Services. 

The growing network of business owners was recently displayed on the INC list, receiving recognition as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States. 

 AMG is focused on establishing itself as one of the top acquisition companies in Ohio.  More importantly, providing an environment that will continue to benefit the growth and development of its employees.  

“Our company can only grow if we continue to do an excellent job investing in the development of our employees.  The goal for us each day is to put everyone in a position to succeed.  I never want anyone in our company to feel unsupported or as if they are setup for anything but success.  We don’t measure success in terms of just raw numbers.  Individuals are measured based on their effort, focus and desire to grow.  Anyone willing to put forth the effort will find themselves in a great position from both a career and financial standpoint.  This company is off to a great start thanks to the great people we are fortunate enough to work with each day, and the amazing culture they have helped us create.  I love coming to work each day seeing young talented people, utilize this opportunity to earn their chance at success.” 
Astaze's Development Program

Associate Candidates learn the art of sales and the fundamental aspects of generating revenue, which are critical to any business.

Sales Manager Established employees continue to development basic leadership traits and are given the ability to begin training and harnessing the skill of allowing others to succeed.

District Manager AMG’s DM's are afforded the chance to begin expanding their role within the company.  Taking a much greater role with development, leadership, and managing an entire team within the company.  They become of the primary supervisors.

Regional Manager Those who have earned this opportunity will begin to undertake development on the operations side of the company.  They will transition out of strictly a management role, and begin taking a hands on approach to the financial side of the company

Vice President Paid travel, the chance to manage satellite locations and enjoy paid company retreats. 

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