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The Elle Communications Inc. Story

Elle Communications Inc. was founded in late December 2010. We specialize in the brand management, customer service, marketing & sales of major Fortune 500 companies' within central Oklahoma.

Since April 2012, Elle Communications Inc. has grown over 400%, allowing us to expand our services to both St. Louis, Missouri as well as Greenville, South Carolina. The core team at Elle Communications Inc. is excited to take on additional clients and readily looks forward to the opening of four more expansion offices before the close of the year.

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Committment to Results...

Every customer, every client. It doesn't matter how much time we invest, Elle Communications Inc. makes every experience with each client and customer something memorable.  We take pride in accomplishing results day in and day out that make a difference to each and every individual we come into contact with.

At Elle Communications, Inc. everything starts when you walk in the door. We believe in having a competitive, fun and caring environment. Not only creating motivation, but having a group of inspired individuals working together for a common goal.

Qualified Individuals...

At Elle Communications Inc., we are looking for an individual that is self-motivated and passionate about their career path. We are seeking qualified individuals who are looking to think outside of the box, rather than just going with the flow. One would need to set themselves apart from others by having a competitive nature and a solid understanding of what it means to work hard, play hard.


We are responsible for maintaining our clients accounts, by satisfying existing clients and driving  direct marketing and sales in the Oklahoma City Metro. The individual would be trained thoroughly on marketing and sales strategies. They would be responsible for not only managing themselves, but also for managing a team. Individuals must be willing to set and hit goals, make deadlines, and speak face to face with customers and clients. Any candidate applying must bring a student mentality that will enhance leadership skills. All advancement within the company is based upon merit, so work ethic, attitude and student mentality are vital.

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Elle Communications, Inc.  
2525 Northwest Expressway, Suite 103, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73122
Phone: (405) 840-ELLE

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