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Kimberly-Clark is leading the world in essentials for a better life. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with nearly 56,000 employees worldwide and operations in 35 countries, Kimberly-Clark posted sales of $19.1 billion in 2009. Kimberly-Clark’s global brands are sold in more than 150 countries. Every day, 1.3 billion people trust Kimberly-Clark products and the solutions they provide to make their lives better. With well-known family care and personal care brands such as Kleenex, Scott, Andrex, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex, Poise and Depend, we hold the No. 1 or No. 2 share position globally in more than 80 countries. Our success stems from leveraging insights from our customers, shoppers and users in the innovations we bring to market. This has led us to the development of entirely new products and categories, and improved performance in existing brands. Around the world, medical professionals turn to Kimberly-Clark Health Care for a wide portfolio of solutions that improve health, hygiene and well-being of their patients and staff. From family care to personal care, in safety, Do-It-Yourself and Home Improvement settings, we're driving our growth by enhancing the health, hygiene and well-being of people every day, everywhere. As a global company, we are committed to cultivating a fair, respectful and engaging work environment that inspires our diverse global team to thrive professionally and contribute to the communities where we operate. We also have a responsibility to attain a deeper understanding of our impact on the world. Addressing Sustainability issues and incorporating solutions through all levels of Kimberly-Clark is a critical component of our business. Throughout our 138-year history, Kimberly-Clark has adhered to a set of simple yet insightful values established by our founders – quality, service and fair dealing. These are the standards of performance by which our leadership and employees are measured. These values have helped establish Kimberly-Clark as a leading-edge global company that produces superior essential products used by families and professionals from all walks of life and cultures around the world. Our Core Beliefs When J.A. Kimberly, Charles Clark, Havilah Babcock and Frank Shattuck founded Kimberly, Clark & Co. in 1872, they agreed that quality, service and fair dealing would be the principles upon which they would guide the company’s development. Over the years our culture has evolved but the spirit of our founding principles remain. Our values drive our actions and are the foundation for how we work together, with our partners and our consumers. Authentic At Kimberly-Clark, we believe in continuing our heritage of honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing. We strive to be one of the world's most successful companies, dedicated to winning through hard work and fair play. Accountable We take ownership for our business and our future. We establish ambitious goals for our businesses and ourselves and then stretch to exceed them. We feel personally responsible for achieving both our individual and team potential. Innovative Our founders established a culture that encouraged entrepreneurial spirit, experimentation in product development and creativity in marketing. We continue to be committed to new ideas that add value for our customers and partners. We recognize that today's best is the benchmark we must surpass tomorrow. Caring All this, plus truly respecting each other and caring for the communities where we live and work, makes K-C a company people want to work for and do business with around the world.

From Huggies® diapers to Kleenex® facial tissues, Kimberly-Clark makes the essentials for a better life. Our 57,000 global employees are changing the world for the better with innovative products that create new categories and push existing ones to a higher level. While building our business, we’re also building careers through first-class education, engaging experiences and exposure to some of the world’s most recognized brands. If fresh thinking and a passion to win inspire you, come Unleash Your Power at Kimberly-Clark. 


Billions of people worldwide choose our essential products to make a profoundly positive difference in their quality of life. And no matter what instantly recognizable Kimberly-Clark brand they choose, they’re also choosing to make our world a better place, thanks to our dedication to doing the right thing for our customers, consumers, employees and communities. We’re making choices, too. For example, we’re choosing to make more of our products with sustainable wood fiber… choosing to help consumers find new ways to recycle our packaging … and choosing to channel our collective thinking into making sustainability a natural, integral part of everything we do. This isn’t new for us. Throughout our history, we’ve chosen to weave our enduring values into the very fabric of our company. These values -- authentic, accountable, innovative and caring -- describe how we work with, and will be judged by, our business partners, investors, consumers, customers and each other as employees. Sustainability is a logical way to express these values. And now, it’s also an important part of our Global Business Plan, with clearly articulated, ambitious sustainability metrics for all of our business units. By taking this bold step, we’re charting the course to a better future. We’re bringing the best thinking of our 56,000 global employees together to help treat our planet’s resources, human and otherwise, more carefully and considerately. From raw materials, our manufacturing processes, even our supply chain, we’re building sustainability into every facet of how we work. But we’re going far beyond that. To help us address the full spectrum of social, environmental and economic sustainability issues, we’re working hand-in-hand with organizations like Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, among others, to share ideas, build consensus and deliver on the promise of a better future for all. Put simply, sustainability is critical to our future success. It’s an enormous challenge. But we choose to do it, and to work with those who support positive change, because it’s the right thing to do. That’s one choice that will never change.

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